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Sexual Disorders Treatment In Coimbatore

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

We provide treatment for individuals and couples suffering from issues of sexual satisfaction. Proper sexual function is the outcome of good mental and physical health. Sexual function is not only because of the genital organs. The brain has vital play in the bedroom. The reason that is not allowing to have fulfilled sex may be complex. The problem can be experienced at any stage of sexual life. There are various treatments available, but one should seek the right specialist along with their partner.

  • Types
  • Causes
  • Arousal Disorder – Lacking response to sexual stimulation. Having trouble getting sexually aroused. Erectile Dysfunction is found in men and increases with aging. Women will be experiencing no sensation in genital areas, and vaginal dryness. This will make sex more difficult.
  • Desire Disorder– Lack of sexual desire. Sexual desire can be affected by both men and women due to stress. Hormonal changes play a major role. Even menopause will reduce the sexual desire for women. The painful sex will also be the reason for desire disorder.
  • Orgasm Disorder- It is commonly found in men and women. Women will never reach orgasm or having trouble to reach orgasm even she is sexually excited. In the case of a male, the orgasm cannot be reached or can only be attained with lengthy sex. Sometimes can be achieved only during masturbation or oral sex.
  • Painfulness– Sex is meant for pleasure. Most women experience more pain during intercourse than men. Some men will have erections with bent, instead of straight results in painful sex.

The symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction vary from person to person, depending on their environment and personality. Here are some common symptoms that are often observed in people suffering from Sexual Dysfunction:

In Male:

  • Finds hard to maintain the penile erection that is important for intercourse.
  • Even after having enough foreplay or sexual stimulation, the ejaculation is getting delayed.
  • Unable to control the ejaculation leading to early ejaculation.
  • In Female :

  • Unable to experience the orgasm.
  • Lubricant is not sufficient before the intercourse and during the intercourse.
  • Vaginal muscles are not relaxed to penetrate.
  • In Both Male & Female:

  • Having less sex desire.
  • Not sexually aroused
  • Feeling pain during the intercourse.
  • Bodily causes- : These are mainly due to bodily health conditions. This will add up diabetes, heart diseases, and neuron-disorder. The clogged vessels of blood, obesity and metabolic syndromes reduce sexual desire. Even the medical side-effects will ruin the pleasant nightlife in the bed.
  • Emotional causes- These include various things such as stress related to work, anxiety. Even thinking more about past performance and family problems reduces arousal. Always feeling depressed, guilty, and worrying about your physique put you further down.

All these factors will ruin a pleasant life in the moonlight. It is wise to avoid all these causes and have a happy life in bed.


    A doctor can diagnose the problem by a physical exam and the answers to the questions. Based on the result he will be recommended for the treatment. If the doctor suspects that any underlying conditions, then the testing has to be taken. Further consultation with the specialist is recommended.

    There are various tests that will be carried out for the underlying conditions. Some of them are listed here:

  • Physical examination
  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Ultrasound
  • This underlying test also includes the Psychological examination. It is used to screen depression and other psychological disorders. Once the mind becomes free rest will start functioning well.

    Many of the problems can be treated by solving the physical and psychological problems. The treatment strategies may include medication, mechanical aids, sex therapy. Even behavioral treatment, psychotherapy, education, and communication help in sexual dysfunction.

    If medication has caused the problem then a change in medication can help. ED can be treated by vacuum devices women with a narrow vagina can use dilators. Sex therapy will be given by the trained professionals for couples who need to enjoy sex life.

    Behavioral treatment with the self-stimulation technique solves arousal and erection problems. Psychotherapy is to control emotional behavior. Sex education and open communication between the partners will help to overcome the problem.

Dr. Syed Ummar

Consultant Psychiatrist

1 in 6 people are thought to suffer with an Sexual Dysfunction at any one time

Dr Syed Ummar is an experienced and highly empathetic best sexologists In coimbatore who works with young people and adults with often complex mental health problems. he bases many of his interventions on the cognitive behavioural approach.

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